Ops360 is a non-profit that partners with single site schools and small charter management organizations (CMOs) to create, scale and grow operations. We train our partners on all non-instructional activities that happen at schools and CMOs. The result: our school partners get MORE things done while spending LESS money.

Our focus is K-12 schools working to close the achievement gap. We are passionate about increasing the diversity of operations professionals and developing future leaders who will make lasting contributions to underserved communities.

Examples of tactical issues we solve with our school partners:

  • How can we  achieve 85% staff  retention each year?  
  • Can we identify ways to reduce annual expenses by at least 5% without impacting service levels or school culture? How could we redirect those savings to the classroom?
  • Can we give teachers an additional 15-20 min of instructional time everyday without changing our current school calendar? How will those hundreds of extra minutes impact student achievement  over the school year?


Ops360 supports student achievement by training charter school teams to run high quality operations that provide instructional leaders and teachers with the time, space, and resources to drive instruction.  Stronger operations.  Stronger schools.


Ops360 is a 501(c)(3) formed in 2015 based in New Orleans, LA.  We are thankful to the Walton Family Foundation, Newschools Venture Fund, and other education philanthropists for their generous support.